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Telebeam Ltd

TeleBeam loft conversion and flooring system is a totally new concept.

It has been designed primarily for the retrospective conversion of existing modern (post 1960's) roof trusses to provide accommodation in the roof space. It can also be used in traditional 'cut roofs' where it may be difficult to provide adequate support.

Roof trusses work on a ‘Load Sharing’ system in that each truss typically carries only a 600mm width of roof load. TeleBeam extends this concept further by employing two beams to help the truss carry its existing roof load plus the additional floor load as a result of the conversion. This approach minimises loss of headroom.

The beams are telescopic and adjust to the span of the building and work for any roof pitch. They span from outside wall to outside wall and do not rely on any internal support.

TeleBeam requires no temporary propping or support as it is installed entirely before any of the ‘W’ braces are cut out from the trusses. The vertical stud walls at the edge of the room transfer the roof load down to the TeleBeam system and the remaining horizontal section of the oiriginal truss takes all of the horizontal loads. The floor is fixed directly to the TeleBeams. No need for timber floor joists.


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By Telebeam Ltd



By Telebeam Ltd

TeleBeam loft conversion and flooring system is a...