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Delta Drainage Channel Brochure

A Cavity Drainage System manages water penetration. A Cavity Drainage System comprises of a range of products that collectively manage water ingress at weaknesses within a structure and then discharge this collective water in a controlled fashion.
Delta Channel is a component part used within the Type C Cavity Drainage System. Delta Channel is a distinctive yellow, PVC drainage conduit designed to manage water ingress. Delta Channel is bedded into a preformed rebate at the vulnerable floor/wall junction and is suited for use in conjunction with Delta’s Cavity Drain membrane range.
Water enters the Channel via preformed holes and is diverted into a suitable drainage point, either mechanical (sump pump/package pump station such as a Delta Dual V3 System) or natural (gravity fed). Delta Channel is particularly suited as a component within the Type C Cavity Drainage System as water ingress through a structures walls, floors or curved soffits is controlled behind the membranes and diverted into the Delta Channel.
We recommend one Package Pump System should be installed for each 50 linear metre run of Channel; length of each Channel run to the Sump should not exceed 25m (in either direction). Delta Channel is supplied in 2 metre lengths and is available with or without an upstand. Delta Channel is 80 mm wide & 50 mm deep.

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