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Delta LM 800 is an innovative, robust and flexible liquid membrane which conforms to BS 8102:2022 and BS 8485:2015+A1:2019, Table 7 achieving damp proofing, waterproofing and ground gas protection simultaneously.

Delta LM 800 performs excellent under high compressive loads and offers maximum protection in just one application. Delta LM 800 offers a simple and continuous prevention barrier against the ingress of methane, carbon dioxide and radon and moisture into buildings.

Delta LM 800 is an elastic, UV-resistant, single component system supplied in black. This non-hazardous product can be applied direct from its packaging using a roller, brush or airless spray.

Delta LM 800 Liquid Membrane is suitable for damp proofing, gas proofing and waterproofing a variety of substrates including concrete, masonry and metal, above and below ground level including retaining walls, cast concrete, precast concrete and steelwork.Designed for use in applications where combined damp proofing and gas protection are required.

Apply first/ priming layer at rate of 0.5kg/m² ensuring that coating is applied evenly over the surface. Allow first coat to fully dry, drying times may vary due to ambient conditions. (Product will change colour from light grey to black when dry).

Apply second coat at rate of 0.5kg/ m², where there are joints or uneven surfaces a 3rd coat may be required.


  • Waterproof and damp proof
  • Multiple physical properties, including resistance to methane, carbon dioxide and radon
  • Complies with BS 8485:2015 + A1:2019
  • Resistant to ground water in accordance with BS 8102:2022
  • Ideal for complex detailing and difficult to reach areas
  • Fully bonded system
  • Continuous application - no sealing required at construction joints/laps
  • Can be applied to damp surfaces or newly poured concrete
  • Quick drying


  • BS 8485:2015+A1:2019 Code of practice for the design of protective measures for methane and carbon dioxide ground gases for new buildings
  • BS 8102:2022 Type C Drained Protection
  • NBS Specification J30 Liquid Applied Tanking/Damp Proofing

Associated products

  • Delta Type C Membranes
  • Delta AT 800
  • Delta Ground Gas Protection Ancillaries

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