Delta Membranes Systems - Delta 800 Series Groundwater Packaged Pump Station

The Delta Bespoke 800 Series of Package Pumping Station are available in depths from 1250mm to 2000mm and with varying pumping capabilities from the Delta Single V3 to powerful Delta Dual V6 pump.

The robust and reliable Delta Bespoke 800 Series Packaged Pumping Station has been specifically designed to collect ground and surface water from basements, below ground structures.

Typical applications include (but are not limited to) Type C, Cavity Drained Waterproofing solutions and/or surface water from roofs, buried roofs, terraces and patios (subject to selection criteria).

Delta Bespoke 800 Series system includes: a polyethylene chamber, 1¼” PVC internal pipework, two Delta groundwater sump pumps, 110mm inlet, 50mm cable duct, 110mm vent and 2” discharge.

This product is specifically designed for below ground applications where hydrostatic water pressure may be present.

We recommend surrounding the Delta Bespoke 800 Series with concrete to prevent movement. An access cover is not supplied, as these are generally site specific and installed in the final finish. If required, the chamber will accept a standard 450mm x 600mm cover and frame. Inlets can easily be drilled and sealed on site, making this product straightforward to install.

The Delta Bespoke 800 Series Groundwater is not suitable for collecting foul water.


Suitable for ground, surface, storm, and grey water applications
Large chamber, manufactured from superior polyethylene
enabling the – Delta Dual V3 (800.1250) to withstand hydrostatic
forces encountered in applications with high water tables
Flow rate up to 2.9 l/s
Quick and simple installation
Supplied with two powerful Delta Dual V3 Pumps
Suitable for residential, commercial, health care/learning
institution and heritage projects


NBS Specification R18 (Clause 310) Pumping Stations and Pressure Pipelines
BS 8102:2022 Type C Drained Protection

Associated products

Battery backup systems
High-level alarms
Remote monitoring
External pipework
Access covers
Additional inlets

Product details

Delta Dual V3
800-1250 Pump Station DMS-E001
800-1500 Pump Station DMS-E002
800-1750 Pump Station DMS-E003
800-2000 Pump Station DMS-E004
Delta Dual V4
800-1250 Pump Station DMS-E005
800-1500 Pump Station DMS-E006
800-1750 Pump Station DMS-E007
800-2000 Pump Station DMS-E008
Delta Dual V6
800-1250 Pump Station DMS-E009
800-1500 Pump Station DMS-E010
800-1750 Pump Station DMS-E011
800-2000 Pump Station DMS-E012


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