In terms of the built environment, the term ‘safety’ generally refers to the condition of being protected, or safe, from hazards and other undesirable events. As construction is one of the most dangerous industries to work in, the positive control and management of hazards and risks to achieve a sufficiently-high level of safety is very important, and is often a legal requirement. Construction companies use a wide range of safety practices as part of their safety management programmes, with an increasing emphasis on creating a safety culture throughout the organisation.

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Focussing on Fire  Safety
Focussing on Fire Safety

GEZE UK has revised a piece of lifesaving learning – the popular RIBA-approved CPD Specifying, Installing and Maintaining Ironmongery for Fire Doors...


Ensuring  Access for all
Ensuring Access for all

GEZE UK’s popular RIBA-approved CPD Removing Barriers to Access has been completely revised and updated and includes new visuals and updates to...



Pyroguard, the global provider of fire safety glass solutions and part of the Technical Fire Safety Group, is pleased to introduce its latest RIBA...


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