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Products and systems are for use in masonry construction designed in accordance with the BS EN series of Eurocodes.
PD 6697:2010 states guidance on structural considerations affecting the selection of DPCs, trays and flashings is given in BS 8215.
However, please be aware of errors in the original BS 8215 relating to stepped and staggered gable abutments, the existence of which have subsequently been acknowledged by British Standards.Importantly, the designs within this section avoid those shortcomings and have been awarded European Technical Approval / LABC product approval.
PD 6697:2010 also makes reference to a DPC within a parapet wall sometimes stepping inwardly and we believe this to be in error as such construction is susceptible to water ingress. Our design for parapet walls avoids this shortcoming and whilst addressing also the structural continuity risk.
Products and systems are subject to a performance undertaking for the benefit of Architect, Builder and Client.

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