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Swish Building Products understand the importance of providing adequate roof ventilation whilst maintaining an attractive roofline. So much so that they offer over fascia ventilators which fit on the top edge of the fascia board giving clean, unbroken lines to the roofline installation.

The Swish over fascia ventilator or vented eaves protector should be fixed securely along the top of the fascia board beneath the roof tiles. The support provided by the vented eaves protector eradicates ‘ponding’ which may occur behind the fascia board where there is a tendency for the sarking felt to sag.

These innovative ventilators providing 10mm and 25mm continuous airflow are suitable for new build along with refurbishment applications. They comply with Part F of Building Regulations which requires the roof void to be ventilated according to the pitch and shape of the roof, to prevent the build-up of condensation that could in time lead to rotting timbers. Roofs with a pitch between 15Ëš and 70Ëš and insulation at ceiling level require a 10mm air path at the eaves, whilst flat roofs or pitched roofs with the ceiling following the plane of the roof require a 25mm air path at the eaves.

The Swish over fascia ventilators interlock for a quicker and more efficient installation. They are substantial enough to take the weight of the bottom row of roof tiles and restricts the ingress if insects and small birds without restricting airflow.

The Swish alternative to standard soffit ventilation meets the requirements of the current edition of BS 5250:2002 concerning the subject of condensation in dwellings and the requirements of the Scottish and Northern Ireland Building Regulations and is therefore the smarter option.

For further information on products and ventilation visit www.swishbp.co.uk or telephone 01827 317 200.


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