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Timloc Building Products

Part of the Alumasc Group plc, we are a proud British manufacturer of building products, from ground level right up to the roof ridge, at our state-of-the-art facility based in East Yorkshire. We understand the needs of our customers and have established an excellent reputation for consistently delivering quality products aligned with industry leading next day service.

We are committed to sustainable manufacturing and 75% of products are made from recycled plastics. Our products are designed for use throughout the lifespan of a building and are recyclable at the end of the building life.

Timloc Building Products range:


Adapt-Air is the pre-assembled ducting to airbrick adapter set from Timloc helping to meet Building Regulation Part F.

The cost-effective ducting to airbrick adapter kit is delivered pre-assembled, ready to fit straight out of the box – it saves time, reduces costs and minimises the need for external fitters, core drilling and specialist tools, when connecting to an internal fan to duct through to an external wall. Adapt-Air has been designed to be built in as part of the brickwork package and terminates at an external airbrick, removing the need to use unsightly gravity flap vents and avoiding the unsightly re-works of cutting a hole through brickwork.

Cavity trays

At Timloc, we offer a wide range of preformed leaded and unleaded cavity trays to meet almost any application requirement and type of masonry. We also have a wealth of experience in designing and manufacturing non-standard cavity trays for project requirements.

Cavity Closers

The Timloc Cavity Closer range offers thermal, acoustic and fire protection depending on your requirements. The Thermo-loc range is designed to lock warmth inside a building. Thermo-loc offers greater protection against the risk of condensation, at a lower material thickness, when compared to standard cavity closers.

Construction Accessories

A range of products including: Invisiweep, Invisiweep NC ( an A1 non-combustible wall weep suitable for high-rise buildings), Cavity Wall Weeps, Drill Vents, Insulation Retaining Discs, 1201 & 1201XL Telescopic Underfloor Ventilators and so much more.


Browse our range of roofline and above ventilation, ancillary and dry fix installation solutions, teamed with the assurance of our quality, reliability and durability.

Loft Doors and Access Panels

Timloc offers both metal and plastic fire-rated and non-fire rated loft access doors, with dedicated operating poles and a choice of locking and closing mechanisms and insulation U Values. Timloc Loft Access Doors provide insulation and draft proofing around the opening in a ceiling.

They ALL comply with the most recent Building Regulations; THE BUILDING REGULATIONS conservation of fuel and power APPROVED DOCUMENT L1A & L2A (2013 Edition).

Meter Boxes

Meter Boxes by Timloc are available for domestic use and include both gas and electric, as well as offering both surface mounted and recessed varieties. Timloc Meter Boxes are manufactured from hot-pressed, glass-reinforced plastic, making them hard-wearing and weather-resistant. They also comply with all NHBC requirements.

Through Wall Ventilation

Our range of products include: Internal Plastic Grilles, Internal Metal Grilles, External Cowls, Cavity Sleeves and Aero Core Anti-Draught Ventilators.


Rad-Seal is the effective radiator pipe guide and seal designed to help reduce air leakage in homes. Helping to achieve Part L's air leakage requirements, the Rad-Seal is available in two options: Rad-Seal Recessed and Rad-Seal Face-Fix.

Hedgehog Highway

As part of our continued sustainability efforts, Timloc Building Products has produced a hedgehog highway to help tackle the declining number of hedgehogs across the UK.

The Hedgehog Highway by Timloc has been designed to connect gardens, enabling hedgehogs to roam freely and forage for food and shelter without restriction.

As a manufacturing company, we take our responsibility for the environment seriously and the conservation of hedgehogs is a matter close to our hearts. The Hedgehog Highway by Timloc is produced from 100% recycled plastic – as is 75% of the Timloc product range – and the packaging is 100% recyclable too. A donation from the sale of each Hedgehog Highway by Timloc will be made to hedgehog rescue centres and support organisations across the UK.



Thermo-loc FR60 60 Minute Fire-Rated Cavity Closer
Thermo-loc FR60 60 Minute Fire-Rated Cavity Closer

60-minute fire-rated cavity closer for eliminating damp and cold bridging around doors, windows, and...


Thermo-loc FR30 30 Minute Fire-Rated Cavity Closer
Thermo-loc FR30 30 Minute Fire-Rated Cavity Closer

30-minute fire-rated cavity closer for eliminating damp and cold bridging around doors, windows, and...


Thermo-loc Platinum Multi Cavity Closer
Thermo-loc Platinum Multi Cavity Closer

Cavity closers designed to eliminate damp and cold bridging around doors, windows, and sills. ...