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SALTO Systems

SALTO Systems are world leaders in wire free, wireless, cloud and mobile access control solutions. We control over

5 million doors in more than 90 countries and every day over 20 million people use SALTO products to provide total control over who is able to access what, where and when at all times.

With SALTO you can manage one building or a group of buildings in multiple locations simply and effectively and we can integrate our access control solution with your CCTV, alarm, time and attendance or other systems as required. SALTO eliminates the need to replace locks if security is compromised and allows key cards and locks to be simply and quickly updated, restricted or deleted remotely.

SALTO provides access control for many market sectors including: schools, colleges, universities, student accommodation, hospitality, corporate, commercial, leisure, housing, shared workspaces, serviced apartments, social housing, airports, healthcare, government and more.

SALTO VIRTUAL NETWORK (SVN) Wire-Free Networked Access Control

The SALTO Virtual Network (SVN) is a data-on-card system based on a patented read/write technology. In SVN all user-related access information is stored on smart key cards which act as carriers. The access rights are updated at hard-wired online IP access points.

SALTO Wireless Access Control through Radio Frequency

SALTO Wireless has been developed to meet the highest demands of security and comfort. This access control system is networked through radio frequency and especially designed for doors where real-time control is required.

SALTO Mobile Solutions Smartphone-Based Access Control

JustIN Mobile enables users to simply and securely access doors for which they have access rights with their BLE-enabled smartphone.

XS4 Escutcheons

With a large variety of models, XS4 electronic escutcheons fit virtually any door, including wooden and PVC doors as well as those with narrow metal frames. All are totally wire-free and can be networked through SALTO Virtual Network and/or SALTO Wireless network for access control in real time.

XS4 GEO Cylinder

Extensive range of wire-free, stand-alone electronic cylinders for doors where fitting an electronic escutcheon is not possible or required (e.g. antique doors). Other uses include post boxes, server-racks, cupboards and cabinets.

XS4 Wall Readers

Wide range of hard-wired wall readers for a huge variety of needs and uses. For controlling access rights and as

an update terminal in SALTO SVN to write updated access rights information on to smart key cards.


AElement is an RFID lock that allows you to integrate all your physical security needs into one stylish, energy

efficient, reliable, wire-free system and can be combined with a wide range of SALTO and designer handles.

XS4 Mortise Locks

Access control requires a good, reliable door locking system. SALTO offers a wide range of XS4 DIN EURO, XS4 EURO and XS4 Narrow profile EURO mortise locks in order to ensure that the door is correctly locked.

XS4 Lockers

The electronic XS4 locker lock offers protection against theft to a wide range of lockers, cupboards, display

cabinets, boxes, etc by integrating it into the SALTO wire-free electronic access solution.

XS4 ESD Energy Saving Devices

The SALTO in room energy saving device (ESD) helps to save up to 65% of a hotel room or student dorm´s

electricity consumption. Unlike standard energy savers, only authorized SALTO key cards will activate the device.

XS4 Panic Bar Solutions

SALTO Advanced panic bar solutions enable emergency exit doors equipped with panic bars to be controlled with an innovative stand-alone electronic locking system.

XS4 Software

SPACE is SALTO’s web-based management software. The software delivers powerful and easy-to-use access control management that is suitable for use in all kinds of environments and can manage up to 4 million users and 64,000 doors.


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