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CMS Danskin

At CMS Danskin Acoustics, expertise drives everything we do. From producing and sourcing acoustic insulation products to advising our clients on all matters relating to soundproofing materials and noise reduction strategies.

It’s our expertise that has seen us consistently push the envelope of the acoustic insulation field and create some of the most innovative and successful soundproofing materials for walls, floors and ceilings, combating airborne and impact noise problems with ruthless efficiency.

Our products are subjected to a rigorous testing regime, both by one of the UK’s leading UKAS accredited centres for testing building products and by our own equally rigorous experts in situ. It’s our expertise that enables us to swiftly identify precisely which acoustic insulation products and soundproofing materials will guarantee the best possible results for your particular noise reduction requirements.

It’s our expertise that has attracted the attention of many prominent organisations – including architects, specifiers and building contractors – resulting in our acoustic insulation and soundproofing materials being employed to great effect in such prestigious structures as the Bank of England, the BT Tower, the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, The Shard and the Natural History Museum.It’s our expertise in the development of acoustic insulation and soundproofing materials that has resulted in the creation of a wide-ranging suite of noise reduction technologies that can be readily employed across a broad range of project types, including new build, restoration and bespoke architectural developments. Schools, theatres, call centres, libraries, hotels, cinemas, oil rigs, print works, prisons, shopping centres, apartment buildings have all benefited from the inclusion of CMS Danskin Acoustics soundproofing solutions. To take advantage of our expertise – free technical advice, acoustic calculations or an on-site visit – please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our friendly and helpful team are waiting for your call.


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