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A Proctor Group Ltd.

The A. Proctor Group offers a superior range of technically advanced product solutions covering thermal, acoustic, ground gas, vapour control & airtightness, suitable for façade and building construction. Based upon over 50 years of providing solutions for the construction sector we understand that a holistic approach is required to building design.

A trusted brand with architects, developers and contractors, the range includes the industry’s highest performing solutions to address the challenge of reliably achieving airtightness, thermal requirements, and condensation control in buildings. All products are backed up by a team of highly qualified and experienced technical staff, able to offer a wide range of support & services.

Our services are regularly used by all sectors of the construction industry, from national housebuilders to architectural practices and self builders. We offer advice at all stages of the building process, from design work to on site support.


Thermal Solutions

The specialist range of thermal solutions enable compliance with the increasing standards and demands on the insulation performance of the building envelope, and offers high-performance solutions that address energy performance, U-values and heat loss rates, airtightness, and cold bridging.

Leading-edge research and development have created innovative product solutions such as Spacetherm, a thin high-performance aerogel insulation commonly used for solid wall and besoke cold bridging applications. In addition, the solutions include Spacetherm A2, a flexible, silica aerogel-based insulation material of limited combustibility used for exterior and interior applications, and Wraptherm, a composite comprising 10mm Spacetherm Insulation blanket bonded to the face of Wraptite vapour-permeable, airtight self-adhesive membrane.

Ground Gas Solutions

Our specialist range of geo solutions, which include gas membranes and venting components enable compliance with the increasing standards and demands of the Gas Protection sector for use on contaminated land sites.

Adequate protection against the ingress of ground gas is crucial, and the A. Proctor Group provide safe, cost-effective, and value-engineered solutions.

Solutions from the Protech range include Protech VOC Flex, a high performance 6 layer flexible proprietary reinforced VOC barrier suitable for use on brownfield sites that require protection from dangerous contaminants such as hydrocarbons. Another key addition is the Provoid Gas Venting System that consists of a 25mm geo-composite ‘void former’ that can be laid under the entire floor slab or, in strips at pre-determined centres to suit the gas regime on site.

Condensation Control

The A. Proctor Group’s portfolio of specialist vapour permeable membranes and vapour control layers has been designed using years of research and development to ensure that the correct balance of heat, air & moisture movement is achieved via the building envelope.

A dedicated Condensation Control division provides unique high-performance system solutions which enables clients to achieve best practice, effective and reliable solutions to meet design requirements in line with building regulations for the management of moisture in buildings.

Fire Solutions

The suitability of materials within the construction of tall buildings and the increased requirements for fire safety means that the correct selection and application of materials are at their most critical. In developing its portfolio of advanced membranes, the A. Proctor Group has designed this in, backed up by independent testing observing the performance of the products and independent third-party certification.

The range of superior performance membranes includes Fireshield (vapour permeable walling membrane with intumescent coated surface), Probreathe A2(fire-resistant breather and airtightness membrane) and Probreathe A2 Air (fire-resistant breather and air permeable membrane), ProcheckA2 (fire resistant, vapour and airtight membrane), Wraptite (externally applied airtight and vapour permeable membrane system), and Spacetherm A-Rated (silica aerogel-based insulation).


The A. Proctor Group has been providing innovative solutions to acoustic flooring problems for more than 20 years. Our unrivalled expertise gained by extensive research and development both at our own acoustic laboratory and through the close links we have established with acoustic specialists at Napier, Sheffield Hallam and Heriot-Watt universities has resulted in unique acoustic floating floor insulation solutions & acoustic floor underlays appropriate to the majority of floor constructions.

Profloor Systems are designed to meet the requirements of the Building Regulations and Robust Details for impact and airborne sound and solutions are available for timber and concrete floors on both new build and refurbishment projects.

MARKET Divisions

Façade and High Rise

A Proctor Groups portfolio of specialist vapour and airtight membranes, combined with our extensive technical expertise, ensure that the correct balance of Heat, Air & Moisture Movement is achieved via the building envelope. Our patented externally applied airtight membrane system Wraptite offers commercial construction providers the ability to reliably and comfortably exceed current airtightness requirements.

Our products are backed up by a dedicated team of technical experts, able to assist at every project stage from pre-planning to on site. We offer CAD detail reviews, installation guidance, condensation risk analysis, WuFi calculations, U-value calculations, SBEM, Ground gas system designs, telephone support & more. Our products also have a range of BIM Objects & NBS Plus specifications.


Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA) is a design approach which combines the best of two key methodologies, Design for Manufacture and Design for Assembly. The application of DfMA is ideally suited towards offsite modular construction, with its focus on ease and efficiency of both manufacture and assembly.

Our range of products include unique off-site solutions for the following sectors:

Healthcare including hospitals, health centres and healthcare facilities, Private and social/affordable housing, Purpose built student accommodation, Education and office buildings, Self-build projects, Hotels.


The Passive House concept is founded on five basic principles for good design; Thermal Insulation, Thermal Bridge Free Design, Airtightness, Ventilation and Heat Recovery, Passive House Windows

These five simple ideas, properly applied in a well constructed dwelling, facilitate a dramatic reduction in the energy required for space heating. This is achieved by maximising solar gains and harvesting waste heat, whilst minimising all mechanisms of heat loss from the envelope. These are by no means new ideas, but todays increasing focus on both housing quality and energy consciousness serves to reiterate their importance. With innovative solutions to simplify reducing air leakage rates and control cold bridging, the Proctor Passive range of solutions allows specifiers to adhere to these guiding principles without compromising in other areas. This ensures the delivery of best practice performance with the least impact on costs and timescales.


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