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Glidevale offers a competitive range of loft access traps with insulation, fire protection and security options. Each Glidevale loft access trap comprises a frame which is fixed into a trimmed opening and has a seal to the ceiling and a trap door which is thermally insulated and has a flexible, closed cell seal between door and frame.


  • Each Glidevale loft access trap is a complete unit comprising frame and trap door, with integral closed-cell air / vapour seals and thermal insulation.
  • The integral seals significantly reduce water vapour migration into the loft space, reducing condensation risk.
  • The seals also virtually eliminate heat loss by air movement around the trap door and exceed the airtightness requirement of the Approved Documents, as demonstrated by test.
  • The traps provide continuity of thermal insulation at ceiling level, substantially reducing heat loss by conduction through the trap.
  • Options with enhanced insulation meet the minimum U-value requirement of Approved Documents.
  • Optional key-operated security bolts for tenanted properties or public areas.
  • Half-hour fire resistance option with Class 0 flame spread.
  • On hour fire resistance model available.
  • Suitable for standard 600mm joist centres.

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