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Hardwood Flooring - Specification Guide

Since our establishment in 1903 we have become experts in hardwood flooring. Today we still retain the original close-knit family environment feel, with everyone working together to ensure only the best quality flooring is produced to fulfil all your flooring needs As an industry leader in hardwood flooring we are committed to finding new, innovative concepts and designs, whilst providing the authentic flooring our customers are accustomed to. With so many years under our belt Atkinson & Kirby have a wealth of knowledge and expertise at our finger tips and have supplied floors for a variety of projects including residential, hospitality and retail. Over the years we have experimented with various types and styles of wood in order to bring you the finest offerings in hardwood flooring. Tradition is an integral part of Atkinson & Kirby and we are proud to remain one of a few British manufacturers of hardwood flooring, with the aptly named 'Traditional Range' being produced in our Chirk mill. Hardwood flooring is an investment worth making, the strong, durable and undeniable quality of a hardwood floor is plain for all to see. With a wide variety of species and finishes available, constant innovation and excellent customer service, Atkinson & Kirby are the leading name in Hardwood flooring. From 1903 to the present day, Atkinson & Kirby have taken pride in the quality of their wood with rigorous inspection at various stages of production. Today we are just as meticulous in our selection, whilst making sure the origin of our wood is from a sustainable source and are proud to be FSC® certified. In September 2014 Atkinson & Kirby, Richard Burbidge and Masons Timber Products became a part of Archwood Ltd. The creation of Archwood Ltd brings our three businesses together offering a host of exciting benefits and opportunities for our customers.

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