Surespan - PaveVent

Surespan is proud to launch ‘PaveVent’- a new walk-on glass smoke ventilated access hatch which is designed to fit in with a surrounding pavement.

Manufactured with a stainless steel frame and lid with a structural bonded glazed system, PaveVent can withstand heavy pedestrian loads. They also incorporate a multi laminated glazed upper loaded leaf which is designed in accordance with EN1991:1:1:2000, EN497 and FACTA requirements.

PaveVent incorporates a specially formed anti-slip ceramic, which is permanently tempered onto the glass surface, either in custom patterns or in standard line and dot patterns.

PaveVent was recently chosen to work with Nicholas De Jong Associates, White Young Green and Lawlor and Partners on the William Street and Sarsfield Street Public Realm Enhancement Scheme in Limerick to create a pedestrian friendly environment in which to shop, visit, do business and relax.

Surespan created a bespoke access solution which included vented non-slip access hatches, fixed vented units and bespoke glazed units, which were designed to be vented and provide access. The glazed units have an attractive design, providing light to the cellars below whilst maintaining privacy. Resident engineer on the project, Sean Glynn was extremely pleased, describing the hatches as “very impressive with their contemporary interpretation of the more traditional unit, which is no longer available.”


Wed, Feb 17, 2016 5:12 PM
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