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Stormking, the grp building products specialists, have been awarded a BBA Certificate for their range of the highly popular SmartStack false chimneys. The new range has been developed to save cost and time, and to meet the latest requirements from the house building industry, notably the NHBC, and has been exhaustively tested and trialled for fire resistance, durability, ease of fixing and for being fully weatherproof.

The SmartStack chimneys come as standard in buff/cream, red and burnt red brick effects or white and cream rendered effects, and for 35, 40, 45 and 50° roof pitches. They can be supplied with or without pots and in a variety of sizes. Special options include brick slips finish, special colour matches, alternative roof pitches and twin wall gas flue.

Being lightweight yet very robust, Stormking SmartStack false chimneys impose no extra loading to the roof structure. They come complete with apron and abutment flashings as an integral part of the chimney plinth box and are simply hoisted into position, saving on roof work time and scaffolding costs.

SmartStack false chimneys are BBA certificated for 30 years, meet the NHBC technical standards and are manufactured to ISO9001 and ISO14001 standards.

They are the ideal replacement to more time consuming, variable and costly traditional chimneys and are much simpler to handle on site than other dummy chimney alternatives. And their authentic design provides an attractive finishing touch which many home buyers want to retain as a feature of their homes.

- Case Study

Client - TaylorWimpey PLC
Site - Newton Leys, Milton Keynes
The introduction of a new range of National house types at Newton Leys for the TaylorWimpey Group included several versions of Stormking's GRP SmarStack chimneys. , The chimneys included both facing brick and render options, colour matched to the house finishes. The chimneys on this site were also chosen to be inspected by the BBA for the ease of installation, handling, packaging and finish as part of their testing procedures leading eventually towards Certification of the products., The prototype site has been visited by representatives from most of the TaylorWimpey Regional offices who admired not only the quality of the finished houses but also the other innovative products, including many from Stormking, which have added to their appeal.


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