Sika Refurb - Sika delivers structural strengthening frp training to leading construction engineers

Global building product manufacturer, Sika, held two structural strengthening workshops to give construction engineers the chance to get to grips with its new, easy-to-use fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) design software for reinforced concrete.

The day-long seminars began with a presentation explaining the benefits of FRP structural plates & fabrics – alternative solutions to traditional steel reinforcements, which are prone to corrosion and loading limitations – and the multitude of applications, from strengthening all types structural elements in buildings and bridges.

Delegates were then given demonstrations of Sika’s CarboDur and SikaWrap structural strengthening systems before being introduced to the new Sika FRP software based on TR55 and Eurocode 2.

The simple, free and reliable design tool takes into account the variables of each project – including load, dimensions and structure shape – before calculating the most suitable product and quantity required to provide the strengthening required.

David Vazquez, Sika’s Market Development Manager – Strengthening, said: “The new Sika FRP software gives structural engineers the opportunity to quickly calculate the FRP dimensions required to provide flexural strengthening, shear strengthening or confinement of reinforced concrete sections. Featuring a simplified data entry system, auxiliary drawings and tool tips, the software simplifies the calculation process throughout each different stage.

“It was great to be able to demonstrate this software and its various benefits to structural engineers from across the construction industry.”

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Fri, Dec 2, 2016 10:03 AM
Sika Refurb
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