Nu-Heat UK Ltd - AcoustiPanel™14; Combined Knauf acoustic floor deck solution with integrated Nu-Heat warm water underfloor heating.

This new acoustic solution from Nu-Heat, produced in partnership with Knauf, comprises a pre-routed Knauf gypsum board bonded to acoustic fibreboard, into which Nu-Heat’s 14mm tube system is neatly installed.

The tongue and groove panels offer high thermal conductivity allowing a quick transfer of heat into the room and create a stable, monolithic floor finish with minimal movement.

Exceeding Part E, this solution is particularly suited to new build and renovation apartments where an efficient and discreet underfloor system is required as an integral part of an acoustically secure system that is simple to install.

This tailor-made acoustic UFH system offers:

  1. Heating and floor deck in a single solution over a solid or timber floors

  2. A low profile UFH solution combined with outstanding acoustic properties, exceeding Part E

  3. Minimal height build-up at just 33mm, saving typically 67mm compared to typical acoustic batten solutions

  4. Low weight solution at only 25.8 kg/m², saving 74.2 kg/m² compared to a 50mm liquid screed or 117.2 kg/m² for a typical 65mm sand & cement screed UFH system

  5. A sustainable solution, with the gypsum board being made up of a minimum of 60% recycled product and categorised under Knauf Environmental Product Declarations - according to ISO 14025

A straightforward installation

  1. Simply installed directly over a level screed section or structural working deck

  2. A dry floor section that is installed like a typical T&G floor prior to laying the UFH pipe

  3. No drying time results in a reduced site programme

  4. Provides a high quality fit-and-finished floor section

  5. Single manifold, up to 160m2 – for a quick installation, using less material

  6. Complete mechanical & electrical installation design and AcoustiPanel™ layout drawings, provided by Nu-Heat

For specification data and more information visit or call 01404 540650


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