Nevill Long - Longline Vision Partitioning System

If you’re looking for a partitioning system that gives your clients light, bright, open spaces and gives you endless design versatility combined with easy, rapid installation, Nevill Long now have just what you need – Longline Vision.

This recently-launched system offers designers, installers and office workers a number of advantages – but one stands clearly above the rest.
With no vertical mullions between the system’s panes, Longline Vision makes it easy to create a beautiful aesthetic…and for a totally seamless, streamlined effect, it can also be integrated directly into drywall partitioning.

Its versatility is also a big advantage, offering design options to create everything from quiet corners to communal areas. And with a variety of glazing options together with manifestations from electric privacy glass to patterns and designs applied through etching or adhesive film, it offers occupants privacy when they need it and clarity when they don’t.

“Designers love Vision’s seamless look and slim aluminium profiles, especially as they’re available in a range of colours” explained Dave Bonner, Managing Director at Nevill Long. “While contractors are impressed by how easy it is to install – not to mention the expert support they get from Nevill Long, the UK’s leading name in partitioning and interior fit-out products.”

The Longline Vision system is readily available from Nevill Long’s nationwide network of branches. To find your nearest one, or to discover more about the Longline Vision system, visit


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Longline Vision
Longline Vision

Longline Vision. The partitioning system with a clear advantage. A light, bright, open environment that feels busy, bustling and vibrant. That’s...