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Dry fix and ventilation

Today's roofs need to be weather-proof and look good, as well as providing adequate ventilation.

For you, they also need to be quick and economical to install, and for the building owner they require minimal on-going maintenance but maximum durability and long life.

Clay plain tile fittings

Clay plain tiles are versatile and long lasting, however to create truly beautiful roofs you should also consider using the clay fittings available.

Concrete plain tile fittings

Concrete plain tiles offer the versatility of clay plain tiles on a budget. To ensure your roof maintains the illusion of clay, a rage of fittings has been developed to support the main tiles and continue to offer the traditional plain tile roof look.

Clay Interlocking fittings

All the extra fittings you will need to install your clay interlocking roof, whether it be using mortar or a dry fix system.

Concrete interlocking fittings

Fibre cement slate fittings

Fittings designed to compliment and support the fibre cement slate range of products and provide the aesthetic expected from a premium roof covering.

Integrated PV roof system

Marley Eternit's Solesia PV system integrates fully with our Modern concrete tiles and offers an affordable, easy to install and aesthetically superior solution designed to meet the growing demand for micro-renewables.

  • Seamless integration with roof tiles
  • Easy to install
  • Contribute to achieving Levels 5 and 6 in Code for Sustainable Homes
  • Helps achieve high BREEAM ratings for non-domestic buildings
  • MCS accreditation
  • Eligible for Feed in Tariffs
  • Long functional life - 25 years
  • Reduces CO2 emissions by approximately 1 tonne per annum

For more information please take a look at our product accessories brochure here.


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