Knauf Drywall - High Performance Plasterboards

Knauf offers the right board for every application

Versatile, strong and easy to use, the Knauf Drywall range of High Performance Plasterboards delivers complete panel solutions: from simple space division and separating walls, to lift shaft protection and X-ray shielding.


Manufactured from the highest quality gypsum, these boards incorporate special additives that enhance their acoustic, impact, fire-resistance and moisture-resistance properties so they can achieve required performance levels with a reduced number of components and plasterboard layers.


For example, Knauf offer a range of solutions to achieve the 40dB Rw with a single layer partition that meets the requirements of Approved Document E, including Knauf Soundshield which makes it possible to achieve 40dB Rw possible without the need for additional insulation, so saving time and installation costs on site.


Knauf Impact Panel not only provides a superb, durable finish but is also easily repaired should any damage occur – making it ideal for highly trafficked corridors such as in schools and colleges. Impact Panel can also be combined with other Knauf products to give a superior acoustic performance of up to 57dB (Rw).


Fire protection too can be simplified using the Knauf Fireshield range of premium plasterboards which contains special additives that increase core adhesion cohesion at high temperatures so that a single layer of 15mm Knauf Fireshield each side of a Knauf Performer partition can achieve a one-hour fire rating where two layers of standard Wallboard would be required.


Knauf also develops products for specialist applications such as X-ray rooms for which it produces Knauf Safeboard, which incorporates barium sulphate as a barrier to X-rays. Typical drywall constructions using Knauf Safeboard offer the same radiation protection as 1 2mm of lead sheeting – the requirement for the more than 80 per cent of X-ray equipment in the 70-125kV range. If greater radiation protection is required then simply install more staggered layers of Knauf Safeboard.


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