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Major civil engineering schemes such as highways,tunnels or marine structures frequently involve work below groundwater. Inner city building projects, where space is at a premium, often involve forming part of the project below the water table. Keller Ground Engineering have a wide range of solutions to exclude or control water on any construction project. Permeation grouting is a classical solution used in coarse granular soils where cementitious or chemical grouts are used to reduce the permeability of the soils. Where finer grained materials are present Jet Grouting / Soilcrete® can be used to create a "Soilcrete” of extremely low permeability which can seal the perimeter of a scheme or even combined with sheet piling or secant piling to seal the base with a series of short interlocking columns. When room permits, a deep cut off such as a Bentonite Slurry Wall is an economical and environmentally friendly solution and these can be constucted at depths up to 20m. Dry Soil Mixing is a system which, whilst relatively new to the UK, has been used on a number of projects to dramatically reduce the permeability of silts by mixing in lime vertically. It can be used in the base of cofferdams.


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