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Varmax floor standing boilers are built around an entirely stainless steel fully welded heat exchanger. This gives exceptional tolerance to a wide range of system water conditions for corrosion resistance and a long life. The range consists of 8 single boilers with outputs from 120kW to 450kW, and 4 dual models with combined outputs from 550kW to 900kW. Varmax is ideally suited for split temperature systems and projects such as medium sized district heating schemes.

High water capacity of the heat exchanger allows operation with wide differential temperatures. This removes the need for a dedicated primary circuit and enables system pumps with lower energy use to be installed. Designed for use in sealed hydraulic systems only, all boiler models are pressure tested to 6 bar and have twin return connections for improving operating efficiency with split temperature systems. Generous insulation assures standby losses are kept to a minimum.

Fully pre-mix burners with 5:1 turndown far exceed ErP NOx criteria with emissions across the range lower than 40mg/kWh. A built in flue gas non-return valve simplifies flue system design whilst providing effective protection from re-circulation of flue gases through non-firing boilers.

Featuring comprehensive controls, Varmax boilers are capable of managing heating systems including a domestic hot water cylinder and up to three independent heating circuits operating at different temperatures to one another. Featuring in built sequence control functionality, multiple boilers can be managed without the need for a dedicated sequence control panel.

Where premises are equipped with Building Management Systems, control of the boilers can be set to receive enable and analog signals dictating when boilers should operate and the magnitude of power output they should deliver.

  • Improved efficiency on split temperature systems due to twin return connections
  • Easier installation with no requirement for dedicated primary circuit
  • Tolerant to a wide range of system water conditions with a corrosion resistant stainless steel heat exchanger
  • Long life backed up by a 5-year heat exchanger warranty
  • Well insulated for low standby losses
  • Maximum BREEAM credits available with NOx emissions lower than 40mg/kWh
  • Match heating system loads accurately with outputs up to 900kW and a 5:1 turndown ratio
  • Simplified flue system design as the flue gas non-return valve is built in to provide effective protection from re-circulation of flue gases through non-firing boilers
  • Advanced built in Siemens controls platform with sequence control for up to 16 boilers, multiple heating circuits and a hot water circuit using the master/slave principle
  • Quick release access panels for ease of service and maintenance


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