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Whether for low impact activities, right through to elite and performance sport, Gerflor's Taraflex® vinyl sports flooring offers the perfect sporting solution for all users and sporting applications. The preferred indoor solution for over 60 years, Taraflex® sports flooring has been specified for 10 Olympic Games since Montreal in 1976, including the London 2012 Games. Read more about their wide range below:

Taraflex® Sport M Comfort

Offering the highest levels of comfort, performance and safety, Taraflex® Sport M Comfort is a trusted favourite amongst sports events organisers and national governing bodies. Taraflex® Sport M Comfort is in the P3 category, offering optimal comfort and safety.


  • The first Taraflex® sports floor in the P3 category.
  • Technology and innovation knowledge. This brings optimal comfort and safety
  • Suited to all levels, users and all sports.
  • Be the architect of your sports floor with a wide range and trendy colours.

Taraflex® Sport M Performance

Taraflex® Sport M Performance is commonly used not online in sporting applications, but also in everyday education and community life. This affordable option is versatile enough for a range of multi-specialist applications and is perfect for new projects and refurbishments.

Taraflex® Sport M Performance is available with a free floating Eco-Fit™ System. This makes it ideal for renovation works and the Dry-Tex™ System is perfect for new construction with damp subfloors.


  • Backed by More than 60 years' experience
  • Safety and performance
  • Suitable for Education, competition, clubs and more.
  • Available in a Wide range of trendy colours

Taraflex® Sport M Evolution

Taraflex® Sport M Evolution sports flooring is specifically designed for use in a variety of applications. This includes all kinds of sports and leisure activities. Available with the Dry-Tex™ System, Taraflex® Sport M Evolution is also ideal for new construction with damp subfloors. With a variety of colours available, there is certain to be something for everyone.


  • Levels of comfort and safety
  • Suited to all kinds of sports and leisure activities

Taraflex® Multi-Use 6.2

Taraflex® Multi-Use 6.2 is a real sports floor in the P1 category (complies with EN Standard 14904) 25 to 35% of shock absorption. With triple action Protecsol® surface treatment, Taraflex® Multi-Use 6.2 is easy to maintain and has friction protection and ‘intelligent’ sliding coefficient. Taraflex® Multi-Use 6.2 offers maximum hygiene with bacteriostatic and fungistatic treatment. It is perfect a wide rage of sports and leisure activities.


  • Real sports multi-purpose floor
  • Easy Maintenance with Protecsol
  • D-max + (triple reinforcement) for heavy loads
  • 5 masking wood designs colours

Taraflex® Surface

For rolling sports, available in 17 solid colours and 2 different wood designs, Taraflex® Surface is the perfect solution. Suitable for games such as Wheelchair Basketball, this long wearing solution, provides a smooth and atheistically pleasing playing surface,


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