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Straightcurve® – headquartered in Australia, is renowned for high-end innovative garden edging, raised beds, and planters. These modular designs, available exclusively in the UK through F.H.Brundle, provide design freedom, and simplified installation with no special skills or additional tools required.

Straightcurve’s premium steel garden edging products are manufactured from high-quality weathering steel, which forms a protective rusted patina once exposed to the elements.

Totally customisable and configurable to suit an almost infinite number of layout possibilities, from straight lines, gentle curves, or even flowing organic shapes, this striking range offers unparalleled adaptability while providing a durable and functional border for your landscaping.

The system comes in three distinct styles – Straightcurve® Flex, ideal for creating smooth, flowing curves, Straightcurve® Rigid, for achieving crisp, straight lines or gentle curves, and Straightcurve® Zero-Flex, designed for perfectly straight, immovable borders.

“We’re thrilled to bring another stylish and versatile new product to our customers,” comments F.H.Brundle Managing Director Michael Brundle.

"This innovative product line allows homeowners and landscape professionals to create beautiful and functional gardens with ease. It’s DIY-friendly, requiring no special skills or training to install and the pre-drilled and modular components can be easily assembled using basic tools, saving time.

“But what excites us most about Straightcurve® is its versatility. The modular design caters to both those seeking clean, modern lines and those who want a more organic, flowing aesthetic.

“This gives both homeowners and landscape professionals the freedom to design their dream garden without limitations.

“At F.H. Brundle, we're constantly looking for new and innovative products that can empower our customers. We believe that Straightcurve® does exactly that.”

For more information, call on 01708 398048, or visit www.fhbrundle.co.uk


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