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The first impression on entering a building plays a crucial part in the overall effect on the visitor. Entrance areas therefore require an environment that combines a welcoming atmosphere with aesthetics and functionality. emco UK offer individual, tailor-made dirt removal systems, based on our 3-zone cleaning system, this system can trap up to 90% of dirt and moisture as people walk across them. They also make a significant contribution to a pleasant reception Environment and long-lasting protection of the surrounding floor coverings as well as to a significant reduction in the cleaning throughout the building.

Emco entrance mat systems for effective dirt reduction.

Emco UK recommends the 3-zone cleaning system as the best possible combination for systematically reducing dirt in entrance areas. This system combines coordinated entrance mats and clean-off floor coverings to absorb coarse, fine and damp dirt.

Our heavy contract matting systems are ideal for zones 1 and 2. These consist of functional inserts in warp-resistant aluminium profiles that ensure coarse and fine dirt are removed extremely effectively. With our open construction design, the dirt particles fall through the gaps between the profiles, thus effectively preventing it being tracked further into the building. Clean-off floor coverings are used in zone 3 of this cleaning system. Unlike conventional dirt-repellent carpeting, clean-off floor coverings have special hollow fibres that absorb moisture and residual dirt very effectively.

Zones 1, 2 and 3 can be supplied in curved or angled designs and cut-outs to match or enhance the architectural and structural finish. The wide range of colours makes it possible to create both harmonising and contrasting designs. To increase the exclusivity of the entrance area, a large number of additional components are available, such as a LED illuminated frame system, or a stainless-steel profile with a laser-engraved personalised name.


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