Electrorad Electric Heating - Digi-Line

Digi-Line electric radiators are an exact replica of a U.K. central heating radiator. Each radiator has a built in digital electronic room thermostat accurate to +/- 0.1°c.

No Pipes, No Plumbing, No Maintenance!

Electric dynamic fluid filled convector radiator with integrated digital room thermostat. Manufactured using the latest technology available. Designed to cope with the harsh Scandinavian climate and built with quality materials to the highest technical standards gained through years of experience in the heating industry. Manufactured to the latest safety standards and carry the Intertek S mark and CE mark., The discrete design and high quality materials and finish gives the Radiator its elegant timeless looks.

The environmentally friendly and recyclable fluid heats rapidly and naturally circulates to heat the whole surface area of the radiator. The fluid will never freeze and protects the radiator from internal corrosion.

The digi-line integral thermostat has an internal micro chip which progressively learns the correct energy setting to maintain a room temperature and selects the optimum setting through an adaptive algorithm. This ensures that only the energy required is used. Thermostat accuracy +/- 0.1 deg C.


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