Advanced Aeration Ltd - Wastewater Treatment

Bio-Bubble Advanced Aeration not only serves major water utilities but offers state-of-the-art solutions for commercial and industrial waste water applications such as hotels, luxury leisure establishments, golf courses, abattoirs, meat processing plants, vegetable preparation factories, RSPCA sites and landfill leachate. Further applications include treatment plants for decommissioning of explosive substances. The Bio-Bubble system produces a very high quality effluent suitable for discharge to a watercourse without any further treatment being applied.

Sludge waste production is exceptionally low – far lower than conventional forms.

Over the years, Bio-Bubble have continued to offer a robust solution with respect to quality of final effluent and our low sludge production needs far fewer tankers per year.

  • Typical Discharge Standard:

  • Low Carbon footprint

  • Low Running costs

  • 75% energy saving during low flow conditions.

  • 85% Sludge reduction

  • Text alarms with remote support option

  • No foul odours


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