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Clean Water supply is becoming one of the crucial challenges of this century. GF Piping Systems meets this worldwide demand by providing safe, corrosion-free plastic piping systems.

One-stop shopping at GF Piping Systems is easy and conveniant with over 40,000 products for diverse applications and specialized markets: jointing technology, fittings, valves, measuring devices and pipes are used for water conveyance and treatment as well as the transport of liquids and gases for industrial purposes.


Inspection technology boost for George Fischer joint...

The value of George Fischer’s widely specified HDPE pipe systems has just been enhanced through the development of the world’s first non-destructive testing (NDT) regime for HDPE products, which now allows the manufacturer to issue a “Fit for... Read More

George Fischer's COOL-FIT 2.0 first choice for chilled...

Extending the performance potential of GF’s renowned pipework products into new territory, the manufacturer’s COOL-FIT 2.0 collection offers the speed and versatility of a three-in-one system for the circulation of chilled water or other low... Read More

George Fischer's fabrication day hits the target

George Fischer Piping Systems recently celebrated the opening of their new 1,000 square metres Fabrication Unit within the company’s large and impressive storage and distribution centre at Coventry. GF’s Fabrication Day proved to be great success... Read More


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GF offer the largest range of piping system...


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