Boon Edam Ltd - Tourlock 120

The Three Wing Security Revolving Door

Automated Successive Bi-Directional Traffic

The Tourlock 120 is an automated three wing security revolving door. This is a slightly less sophisticated version of the Tourlock that can be integrated with a sensor system, contact mats or a weight system. As the door only has three segments, simultaneous bi-directional traffic is not possible. However users entering and leaving the building can authorise themselves at the same time, the second authorisation will be remembered and rotation will start as soon as the first passage has been completed.

Simple High Security Access

The Tourlock 120M is a manual version of the Tourlock 120. Whereas the rotation of the Tourlock 120 is started automatically upon receipt of an authorisation signal, the door wings of the Tourlock 120M will unlock and the user can push the door to grant himself access.

As this revolving door is only available with a sensor system, the level of security offered is significantly lower than that of the Tourlock 120. However, this makes the Tourlock 120M very suitable for use in buildings with an unmanned lobby to allow staff to enter and exit freely while visitors are requested to signal their arrival.

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