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Richard Newman, senior product manager at Heatrae Sadia, explains why electric boiling water units are the perfect addition to commercial catering facilities.

Over recent years we’ve seen a clear rise in the number of organisations using electric boiling water units, as these can provide safer and more efficient water provision in busy environments - such as that of a commercial kitchen.

One core reason for this is that boiling water units are able to eliminate safety hazards, as they are securely mounted to a wall or a counter top. By contrast, kettles and urns full of boiling water can be knocked over, and trailing cables can be damaged. Kettle users can also be scalded by water spilling from the appliance, or by steam. Whilst these may seem like minor risks, specifiers will know the potential seriousness of scalding, with an estimated 10,000 people entering A&E every year as a result of an accident involving a kettle.[i]

Furthermore, connected to the cold water mains, electric boiling water units provide a constant supply of hot water. In commercial catering facilities, having boiling water on tap can save chefs a huge amount of valuable time during food preparation, and provides near instant tea and coffee making facilities.

As well as offering time saving and safety benefits, boiling water units are also energy efficient, delivering the amount of water required and replacing it as it is used. In comparison, kettles and urns are invariably filled with more water than is needed, which wastes energy.

There are now several high-quality electric boiling water units on the market which are perfect for commercial use. For example, Heatrae Sadia’s Supreme range of permanently-plumbed, electrically-powered water boiling units, available in eleven capacities, and including Intelliboil Plus technology, can bring water to the boil on demand and reduce energy usage when not in use.

For busy commercial catering facilities, units such as these tick all of the boxes – safety, efficiency and time saving, and should be an essential feature of the food preparation area.


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