GX Glass delivers bespoke solution for waterfront development

Housing Fri, Mar 27, 2020 3:45 PM

When a luxury housing complex in the heart of London required a unique bespoke mirror cladding system for its pool area, Gx Glass was specified to supply a cost-effective and visually striking solution.

From developing prototypes to ensuring the installation of a fit for purpose product, the premium glass processor and manufacturer was able to deliver the ideal solution within a strict timescale.

Located by Tower Bridge overlooking the River Thames, Landmark Place has the unrivalled position as the City of London’s only residential waterfront development. Designed by Barratt Homes, the private complex offers several luxury amenities to residents such as a fitness suite, cinema, 24-hour concierge service as well as a communal 20 metre pool and spa.

The architect originally specified the use of an imported brushed aluminium plate as a decorative feature to be used with the mirror for the pool area, which ultimately exceeded the project’s budget. It was the interior fit-out contractor’s knowledge and experience of working with Gx Glass, which led to its team putting the manufacturer forward to develop a bespoke printed glass and mirror laminate. Crucially this was not only fit for purpose – but within budget.

Given that the laminated mirror wall cladding had to be installed prior to the swimming pool being filled in order to prevent the resulting humidity affecting the adhesive used for the installation of the glass, the project had a very short lead time. This had to include prototyping, designing, testing and manufacturing the printed glass.

Through its Glass Express service, Gx Glass was able to make this process as efficient as possible to meet the deadlines. Furthermore, as the contractor was able to quickly facilitate communication with the other key stakeholders, Gx Glass received prompt design feedback and approvals enabling efficient project completion.

To ascertain the desired look and feel of the architect’s original 3D interior render, Gx Glass carried out two rounds of prototyping. During this process, its specialist design team worked to achieve the metallic, bushed effect of the specified material using their ceramic digital printing process. This included replicating the reflectivity that would have been generated naturally by light if real aluminium had been used.

Due to the humid end-use conditions, Gx Glass also sourced and tested the adhesives and silicones to be applied during the installation to ensure they would work sufficiently. One of the challenges was to settle on a silicone joint dimension between the glass panels that would comply with the requirements of the silicone and thermal glass expansion while ensuring that the system was watertight. It was also important that the repeated striped pattern used in the overall design was not disrupted. Gx Glass completed and provided test panels to the site with recommended jointing parameters and in the end a 6mm joint was settled upon as a dimension that would meet both aesthetic and functional needs.

On the delivery of the project Joanna Lush, Business Development Manager at Gx Glass commented: “We are incredibly pleased with the solution we provided at Landmark Place. Our involvement in the process allowed for the development of a truly unique specification that could both fulfil the architect’s design aspirations and provide a solution to the project’s cost constraints.

“With our Glass Express service, we ensured that the project was delivered on time while the quality of the end product demonstrates the excellent work carried out by our team and the range of design possibilities that can be met through the use of laminated glass and ceramic digital printing as a cost-effective solution.”

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