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Washrooms for the unintentional vandal

There’s a potential vandal in each of us, especially when it comes to using public washrooms. In public facilities the wide variety of technology and lack of familiarity may result in unintentional vandalism if the user cannot operate the tap or adjust the temperature. Frustration or impatience may manifest in abusive behaviour and the sanitary fittings provide a convenient target.

DELABIE has over 80 years’ experience manufacturing water controls and accessories for the commercial sector. We believe that certain considerations can mitigate against the involuntary vandal such as well-designed facilities, product suitability and regular maintenance.

Aesthetics play a large part. Attractive surroundings with well-maintained fixtures and clean, bright surfaces are more likely to elicit respect and care from the user.

Taps and showers intended for washrooms subject to intensive use such as sports facilities, service stations or airports must be made of robust and durable materials.

System considerations including pipe size, dynamic pressure and flow rates also play an important role. Products that can be easily adjusted to system conditions during installation will pre-empt problems and provide facilities that are fit for purpose.

Watch our video to find out more about how DELABIE’s water controls and sanitary fittings provide a complete washroom solution to minimise the impact of involuntary damage.

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