Wed, Feb 1, 2017 9:02 AM
Bostik Ltd
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Bostik W110 Thermal Acoustic Wrap time trial

Bostik W110 is a new, self-adhesive, thermal acoustic wrap designed to control noise break-out on plastic rainwater and soil pipes, as well as HVAC ducting, which is up to 20% quicker to install than traditional acoustic insulation products.

Supplied on a compact and lightweight roll, Bostik W110 forms an instant bond around pipework with no need for the extra banding or clips that are associated with the more traditional products on the market. It’s just 4mm thick, meaning it’s easy to handle and cut, and can be used in tight applications with less room taken up on site.

It’s Class 0 fire rated and acoustic tested to ISO 10140-2, with a weighted sound reduction index of up to 30dB.

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