Marley Alutec’s Traditional range selected for Georgian-style home

Housing Tue, Mar 28, 2023 2:10 PM

Marley Alutec’s Traditional range of aluminium rainwater gutter systems has been chosen for a traditionally styled new-build home in the Derbyshire countryside.

Selected as an alternative to cast iron, the Marley Alutec products provide the aesthetics and longevity the homeowners were looking for while satisfying local planning requirements.

The four-bedroom, Georgian-styled house is a replacement for an old farm worker’s cottage and was designed to blend traditional aesthetics with modern comfort and performance. Given the countryside location of the house, the style and materials used were important considerations for the owners Ian and Julia, and a core part of achieving planning consent.

Among other requirements, the local planning department stated that cast iron guttering should be used to ensure the character of the property was in keeping with the area. However, for Ian and Julia this was not ideal due to the material’s cost, weight and maintenance requirements.

Ian said: “Our intention from the start was to build a house that respected the history of the local area and reflected the best of British architectural style, but it also had to work for us as a home for decades to come. We looked carefully at the alternatives available to replicate the appearance of cast iron without the drawbacks. The longevity and minimal maintenance of aluminium meant it was the obvious choice.”

Following an enquiry from Ian, Marley Alutec Area Sales Manager, Jason Littleboy visited the site and carried out a full survey. This enabled Jason to recommend the most suitable products, ensured an accurate quote and minimised the risk of issues during the installation.

Marley Alutec rainwater and guttering systems are manufactured from high quality marine grade aluminium and finished in an architectural grade polyester powder coat (PPC) paint. This type of coating is specifically designed for exterior use and will ensure the system maintains its colour and gloss level for longer. As such, Marley Alutec systems have a functional life expectancy of 50+ years or more with minimal maintenance and only periodic aesthetic cleaning required. Furthermore, the aluminium system is more than 65% lighter than cast iron, making it easier, safer and quicker to install.

Ian and Julia selected the Marley Alutec Traditional Moulded Ogee 125 x 100 mm bolted gutter system and Traditional Square 102 x 102 mm downpipes. The Traditional Moulded Ogee range is manufactured to BS 8530, the original design standard for cast iron. In addition, the chosen Heritage Black finish features a textured surface to accurately reproduce the appearance of cast iron systems. Marley Alutec Ornamental Hoppers were also chosen to add further authenticity to the design of the house.

Ian explained: “With the Traditional Moulded Ogee, it was the size as well as the style of the guttering that appealed to us. It is a substantial, two-storey property so we felt strongly that the gutters needed to look right on the house – rainwater systems that are too small or too large would have impacted the overall appearance.”

The capacity and performance of the rainwater system was also a consideration. The local climate and the property’s elevation at more than 620 feet (190m) above sea level means that the area is prone to heavy rain and storms. The 125mm Traditional Moulded Ogee gutter has a flow-rate of 2.21 litres per second (l/s) and an effective roof area of 105m2 per 102x102 mm downpipe when fitted in an end outlet configuration.

“We are delighted with the final result and many people are genuinely surprised that the rainwater guttering isn’t cast iron,” Ian commented. “In contrast to many of the other suppliers we contacted, Marley Alutec responded quickly and gave us with everything we needed. The guidance, advice and support that Jason and the rest of the Marley Alutec team provided throughout was extremely valuable to us. It made the process much easier and saved us a lot of time and effort.”

Jason Littleboy, Marley Alutec Area Sales Manager concluded: “Ian and Julia’s house provides an excellent example of how effectively our Traditional range can replicate and even enhance a historic aesthetic, and all without the disadvantages associated with cast iron products.”

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