Marley Alutec guttering helps achieve a striking look

Housing Wed, Nov 23, 2022 2:29 PM

Marley Alutec’s Evolve Deepflow and Aligator Giant were recently specified for an eco-friendly property in Suffolk.

The guttering created a striking aesthetic, which helped to meet the homeowner’s criteria for a modern finish but using materials and products with low environmental impact.

The guttering also provided a long-term solution that would require minimal maintenance.

When Peter Start was looking to build his new home, he approached Beech Architects to design a suburban home with a hybrid of materials. Through the design Beech Architects created a dramatic look that would sit harmoniously within the rural-urban fringe location.

As part of the design Beech Architects selected a combination of Marley Alutec’s Type A and B Evoke fascias systems, along with guttering ranges - the Evolve Deepflow, a 128 x 75mm aluminium rainwater gutter system that has a flow rate of up to 4.9 l/s and 2322m per 76mm Flushift downpipe – and the Aligator Giant, which has a commercial size trapezoidal profile which was curved around the front entrance stair hall. All elements were chosen in Anthracite Grey (RAL 7016).

Having worked with Marley Alutec on numerous occasions, Beech Architects was confident that the products would not only provide the right look, but also the performance needed.

Marley Alutec’s Evolve Deepflow and Aligator Giant guttering is manufactured from marine grade aluminium – a premium material that is incredibly resistant to corrosion, due to a naturally occurring protective oxide that forms on the surface. If the layer becomes damaged, it will reform itself. As a result, it has a 50+ year functional life expectancy and requires minimal maintenance.

What’s more, aluminium is an environmental choice compared with alternative guttering solutions. At the end of its long life, it does not need to be sent to landfill, due to the fact that it is an infinitely recyclable material. In fact, an estimated 75% of all aluminium ever produced is still in use today. Consequently, environmentally damaging production processes are avoided.

SSE Homes was appointed to construct the property and installed the guttering system. Steve Everitt, company owner of SSE Homes commented on how it helped to overcome some of the challenges on site. “Due to the design, there were no 90 degree angles. However, the fact that the products were so lightweight certainly made it easier to cut and position the guttering correctly and achieve a neat finish. As always, I was very impressed with Marley Alutec. The products were of a really high calibre, both in terms of workability and finish.”

Aluminium has an excellent strength-to-weight ratio and is around 65% lighter than comparable cast iron systems. This meant that Steve was at less risk of back strain and other injuries and could complete the installation quickly.

After the project was completed, all parties were very happy with the results and Beech Architects concluded: “Ultimately, we set out to design and build a modern and creative property using a hybrid of materials and that’s what we achieved. The guttering and fascias have a bold and striking aesthetic, which really adds to the overall look. We are very happy and would definitely recommend Marley Alutec on future projects.”

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