London GP surgery gets the Pendock treatment

Health Thu, Sep 7, 2017 9:19 AM

Pendock, the manufacturer of Pipe Boxing, Column Casings, Radiator Guards and specialist Perimeter Casings for heating, has supplied a range of products for work on a doctors’ practice, located in South-east London.

When undertaking the refurbishment of the Albion Street Group Practice in Rotherhithe, the contractor, Westwise Service Management Ltd., rapidly identified that there was a potential risk of burn/scald injury to the building’s occupants from the heating system’s exposed pipework and radiators as well as aesthetic issues.

This led the Project Manager, Huseyin Asim, to contact Pendock as a trusted past supplier to source a protection solution to the issue, which would also be practical in terms of hygiene and the cleaning regime required by a medical establishment as well as safe, the system also needed to look attractive and be straightforward to install. Being a refurbishment project, Pendock was required to produce bespoke as well as standard radiator enclosures for some of the rooms, which are also not truly square.

The specialist contractor decided to purchase 17 standard and bespoke Ultima Plus Radiator Guards for the surgery: these Low Surface Temperature (LST) guards have been designed to provide the ultimate in protection against burns, while the ‘bullnose’ corners afford further safety in situations where patients might fall accidentally or be at risk from self-harm. Ultima and Ultima Plus guards, as with all items in Pendock’s radiator guard range, are finished with an anti-bacterial coating able to combat MRSA, Salmonella, E- coli and C-difficile. In addition a drop-down, lockable panel is fitted to the Plus models to allow for the regular routine cleaning and inspection.

All radiator guards are available with preformed cut-outs and valve access panels with no on-site cutting required therefore speeding up installation time and minimizing disruption to patients or staff. As part of Pendock’s package, the encasement specialist is able to pre-cut and pre-drill any extra holes for the covers and piping at its factory, in order to minimize noise and as well as mess, on-site.

The Project Manager, Huseyin Asim, commented: “We have used Pendock pipe encasements on a number of past projects, including the St. George’s Hospital and other medical buildings, as well as several schools. “We like the way that our professional carpenters can achieve such a high standard of finish for the client, while installation is also very rapid. So it is neatness as well as speed and the protection factor.”

“This was a major contract on a building probably dating from the 1960s where the walls were not square and everything was starting to age quite badly. So our work involved laying new floors and installing a complete new washroom, as well as painting and decorating and fitting the Pendock products. Everything has gone well though and we are nearing completion, while I am now talking to Pendock about providing column casings for another project where we will be installing new stanchions.”

The radiators and both types of pipework casings are available in a range of colours, but for this installation, white was specified for its clean appearance. Despite the adaptations needed due to the shape of the old building, the contractor was very pleased with Pendock’s delivery, service and advise – and the fact that he was able to specify British-made products.

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