Inta Hydra Control Group for adding a new ASHP to an existing gas Combination Boiler system

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The Inta Hydra is the answer for many homes that have a combination boiler currently but are unsure about switching to a Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP). The change is a considerable cost and many may not have the space currently to add a hot water storage tank. While hybrid systems are not new, the current options can be complicated and expensive.

This control group enables an ASHP to be added to an existing combination boiler using the existing room heating system and control from a centralized product. Only one energy source will operate at any one time, and the radiators can be upgraded to suit requirement.

Whereas the most common hybrid logic is to use the gas boiler when the weather is cold, with the Inta Hydra it only reverts to the boiler when the ASHP cannot provide enough heat to maintain the desired room temperature. Why switch the ASHP off when the weather is cold, when it is coping perfectly well with the heating load requested.?

The control logic is to always start with the heat pump and monitor the heating operation. Integral delays will time out any premature switching to the combi boiler.

For hot water services the existing combi boiler continues to provide instantaneous hot water.

The home can gradually or quickly be fully converted to carbon free heat sources, the Hydra hybrid solution allows a more structured and staged approach.

INTA Hybrid Connect

• Facilitate an existing heat source from a combi boiler for a complete heating solution

• Always maintain expected comfort in very cold weather.

• In normal heating season conditions use energy efficient ASHP for lower running costs.

• Reduce installation costs of the ASHP by a significant amount

• Accelerate the number of heat pump installations

The electronic controller allows the installer to set the operation to match the operating COP (coefficient of performance) with 4 profiles,

• Profile 1 – the factory default, to BS EN 14511 return temperature of 40oC

• Profile 2 – for Low COP ASHP operation.

• Profile 3 – for High COP ASHP operation

• Profile 4 – blocks the reactivation of Combi Boiler for 24 hours

The unit is compact and can be installed in the home wherever convenient. If in sight, a white cover can be added to hide the unit. A high flow actuated valve can be provided for isolation of the ASHP, or the installer can provide their own valve. The Inta Hydra hybrid solution is suitable for use with all manufacturers current ASHP product along with all existing combination boilers and meets the current hybrid installation definition

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