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We recently helped to produce an underground pod for a site in Reading.

When considering a bespoke subterranean pump system for a residential or commercial premises, there are many advantages to be gained. The installation of an underground pod can optimize valuable space within the building, and often does not require planning permission (although you do need to check!). It is also hidden from view and can be installed underneath a car park or soft landscape, eliminating noise transfer. Let’s take a closer look at the features and advantages of this system.

The underground pod is designed with cold water storage capacity up to 12,500 litres, as well as an environmental control system that includes lighting, access ladder and sump pump. The benefits of this system are numerous; it maximises valuable space within the building by avoiding taking up floor space in an already crowded area. Additionally, since it is hidden from view in many cases it does not require planning permission as it is out of sight and therefore not subject to certain regulations or restrictions. This is something our customer needed for where it was installed.

The pod also eliminates noise transfer which can be extremely advantageous when installing near residential areas. This makes it ideal for residential or commercial locations such as apartments where sound pollution must be kept to a minimum in order to maintain the peace and harmony of the neighbourhood. Furthermore, the pod can also be installed underneath a car park or soft landscape so that it doesn’t disrupt any existing structures or landscaping features on site.

This innovative system offers numerous advantages for both residential and commercial premises alike. Not only does it maximise valuable space within the building but also eliminates noise transfer which makes it ideal for residential areas like apartments.

If you are looking for an efficient solution for their project needs, this fully packaged bespoke subterranean pump system combined with a category 4 water break tank is sure to provide the optimal solution required.

We included a booster Set, break tank, sump pump, control panel & associated pipework.

Our customers were happy with the end result and if you are looking for a way to install your plant room where space is at a premium you may want to consider a pod from us.

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