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Posi-Joists are revolutionary in the construction industry, combining the versatility of timber with the strength of steel webs to produce a floor and roof system with numerous benefits. The main advantage is the service void created by the open web design, allowing for services and pipework to be easily installed. The steel webs also create a massively strong joist, capable of clear spanning far greater distances than alternative systems. Posi-Joists are lightweight and easy to handle; they are delivered to site, made to measure allowing for speedy installation, and being factory manufactured offsite you can be sure of a quality product. Below is more information on the system, and when and how you can use it.

What is a POSI-JOIST?

Posi-Joist technology is a metal web joist system that can be used for floor and roof structures. Posi-Joists are designed and manufactured to suit each project and can be specified in a wide range of widths and depths to satisfy individual project requirements. The clear span capabilities can eliminate the need for load-bearing walls or steel beams, offering increased design freedom.

Posi-Joists are only manufactured by licensed MiTek Manufacturers and are produced in factory-controlled conditions ensuring a quality product every time. Manufacturers use the very latest design and engineering software and create detailed design drawings with powerful 3D visualisation tools to assist with installation. Posi-Joists are delivered to site made to measure and can incorporate a variety of end details to speed up erection and eliminate costly metalwork.

When to use a POSI-JOIST?

Posi-Joist can be suitable for use in all buildings, residential, industrial or commercial, and for both floor and roof applications.

Used in floor applications, it can span further than alternative systems and products. Posi-Joists are dimensionally stable; not suffering from shrinkage or distortion that can lead to squeaky floors. Additionally, the wide flange gives a wide and stable fixing area for laying the floor and ceiling deck.

In roof applications, Posi-Joists are incredibly versatile and can be used for flat, low and steep pitched roofs. Their strength means they can span greater distances than other systems and often eliminate the need for beams and purlins. A wide variety of end details allows for versatility and ease of installation on site. Attic roof trusses can incorporate a Posi-Joist bottom chord, to achieve greater spans, as well as all the benefits of the open service zone.

Benefits of POSI-JOIST

The main benefit of the Posi-Joist system is the open web construction, which provides easy access for the installation and maintenance of services within the floor zone. Pipework, ducting, cabling and other services can be easily and quickly installed with no need for cutting or drilling and with no risk of damaging or limiting the performance of the joist. With the ever-increasing demand for MVHR (Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery) systems, Posi-Joist provides the perfect simple solution to accommodate the large and extensive ductwork required.

The strength of the system means that joists can clear span substantially further than other products, requiring fewer internal supports. Along with the time savings offered during service installation by the service void, site labour costs can be significantly reduced.

Joists are individually designed, and factory manufactured to measure for each project, and their lightweight construction means they are quick to erect and can be handled with no need for crane hire.

If you are interested in the Posi-Joist system and are considering using it for your next build, visit www.mitek.co.uk/products/posi-joist to find out more and find a manufacturer! With fabricators across the UK and Ireland, you are never too far from a Posi-Joist manufacturer.

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