Human-centric lighting: How the design of the building envelope can bring light to life

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In recent years, the phrase ‘human-centric lighting’ has become prevalent. It is not uncommon for lighting design services or artificial lighting products to be offered as ‘human-centric’.

As good as some artificial lighting is, however, no electric light source has yet been created that can match the quality of natural light or mimic the variation in its spectrum throughout the course of a day, a season, or a year.

Daylight is key

For any building’s lighting strategy to be considered truly ‘human-centric’, it should incorporate daylight as much as possible to provide well-lit, dynamic, and comfortable internal spaces.

Building fabric should therefore be designed and constructed to make the best possible use of daylight. It particularly includes roofs, where a well-planned use of unobstructed roof glazing can bring daylight deeper into the building and achieve better illumination.

To find out more about how building design and construction can play a factor in improving a commercial building users comfort and create healthier buildings, download the whitepaper ‘Human-centric lighting: How the design of the building envelope can bring light to life’.

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