​ Rinnai’s Energy Efficient Multipoint Water Heater - Never Run Out of Hot Water Again!

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Now available for domestic applications from Rinnai are the 11i A+rated continuous flow gas fired water heaters, with high energy efficiencies, low running costs and a consistent delivery of temperature accurate water.

Rinnai makes over 2million water heaters per year and as such is at the forefront of creating unit cost advantages for installers. The units are probably the most competitively priced type of their kind currently available on the UK market.

The Rinnai 11i is a modern-day variant on the multipoint water heater - plus all technological advances and innovations - yet at a very similar cost to its lower specification counterparts.

Increasingly, installers are recognizing the benefits of Rinnai’s modern-day variant on traditional water heating solutions in terms of the cost effectiveness of these high performing multipoint appliances.

Rinnai’s multipoint water heaters are far more energy efficient than outdated storage systems and are the preferred water heating method of choice in domestic properties and light commercial sites such as, cafes, pubs, restaurants and other smaller to mid-size outlets.

The increase in popularity is quite simple – these units deliver high volumes of water instantly at any time of the day, or night, all at accurate temperatures for user comfort and safety.They are also easy to operate and simple to install and maintain.

These Rinnai multipoint water heaters, for example, eliminate the problem of sudden changes in water temperature, resulting in cold showers or scalding hot baths – the water temperature you set is the water temperature you get. So, if somebody is showering at 42°C and a tap is turned on to draw a bath elsewhere in the property, the temperature does not vary, and there is no chance of either user running out of hot water.

The lightweight 15kg 11i water heater is compact enough to install in the smallest of spaces and is the ideal replacement for large obtrusive cylinders. Featuring easy to use digital controls this small but robust and durable unit is also simple to install.

The unit draws down 6.10kW – 21.60kW of natural gas and has an eleven litre per minute maximum flow.Internally wall mounted the 11i water heater measures 675mm high x 370mm wide x 134mm deep.



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