Multiple tension systems integrated into an intricate glazing structure

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Designed by renowned Hopkins Architects, the Wellcome Trust’s headquarters building in central London features an attractive, curved glass façade. To help conserve energy and minimise the need for air conditioning, the glazed façade is double-skinned and the interior is fitted with an automated tension fitted fabric shading solution.

Multiple TESS™ 100 systems were installed, each with a width of 2.8 metres. Guthrie Douglas’ engineers specially developed relieving rollers and tensioned guide wires to ensure the fabric is aligned with the curved glazed envelope above, and systems are deployed accurately, in unison.

The motorised blinds are linked to a state-of-the-art control system and a series of solar sensors. To create seamless, unbroken lines, the electrical cables for the solar sensors were hidden in the steel trusses of the building and within flexible stainless steel conduits.

As the sun passes overhead and light levels exceed a set threshold, the blinds are activated automatically as a group. This maintains optimum protection throughout the day, to control light and glare, and to prevent excessive solar heat gain.

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