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Newton Waterproofing Systems introduces the UK construction industry to a revolutionary waterproofing specification tool

Following the introduction of the UK’s first waterproofing recycling service, Newton Waterproofing Systems have now launched their most significant scheme aimed at revolutionising how the UK waterproofing market operates.

The Newton Waterproofing Index is a brand new specification method that combines the Grades of waterproofing (defined by British Standard 8102:2009) with an assessment of the type and quality of the structure, the type of waterproofing protection proposed, and the competence of the installation in order to rank any waterproofing project on a scoring scale, therefore indicating the level of risk involved in a waterproofing design.

The effect is to make the myriad of potential waterproofing designs more accessible for specifiers, as well as providing a consistent standard by which different designs can be compared across the industry. Furthermore, the very highest index score qualifies projects as Newton Protected Basements, supported by an industry-leading 10-year guarantee.

Using The Index For Specification
As the first step in assisting with correct waterproofing specification using the NWI, Newton has created a library of specification sheets for many of the most common waterproofing designs. Each sheet acts as an individual resource for a particular waterproofing design, bringing product information and relevant NBS clauses and 3D drawings together in one document.

Importantly, each document is also attributed with a scoring range on the Newton Waterproofing Index that is particular to that specification, therefore making them a key tool within the NWI and as a part of any specifier’s armoury of resources.

“The Newton Waterproofing Index has been a labour of love for over 2 years since its inception, from creating all of the detailed documentation from scratch, to working with an A-rated UK insurer to develop the best guarantee in the industry. We’re immensely proud of the result and now we just can’t wait to get it operating with as many specifiers as possible and take waterproofing specification to the next level.”

Warren Muschialli, Managing Director, Newton Waterproofing Systems

The Newton Protected Basement Guarantee

As mentioned already, the very highest score on the Newton Waterproofing Index also qualifies projects as a Newton Protected Basement, supported by the new and industry leading 10 year Newton Protected Basement Guarantee.

Underwritten by an A-rated UK insurer, the guarantee is a bespoke latent defects policy, including:

  • 10 years latent defects cover
  • No defects liability period
  • Up to £100,000 of cover per project for consequential loss
  • Cover for product, design and installation failures
  • In-house design assistance and on-site quality assurance
  • Independent auditing included where required, to ensure continued quality

In short, the Newton Protected Basement Guarantee is a major upgrade from any other guarantee that is available from a UK waterproofing supplier.

In Summary

In combining a revolutionary concept with decades of waterproofing expertise and experience, the introduction of the Newton Waterproofing Index marks a significant advancement for Newton over other waterproofing suppliers in the UK.

Not only does the NWI therefore make the life of the specifier as simple as possible, it still enables them to effectively protect their buildings, assess their waterproofing specifications with a simple scoring system, and also protect qualifying projects with the most comprehensive guarantee in the UK waterproofing industry.

The result is an intuitive and measurable resource for industry professionals.

About Newton: Newton Waterproofing Systems has been a market leader in the UK waterproofing and damp proofing market since its inception in 1848. Today, the still independently owned company is based in Tonbridge, Kent, and provides complete structural waterproofing and damp proofing solutions for any new or existing structure, as well as commercial, civil, residential or retail developments of any size.

In 2017 the company became the first in the UK waterproofing industry to develop a closed-loop recycling service for waste cavity drain membrane, and also launched the Newton Waterproofing Index, a first-of-its-kind scoring system that measures the risk involved in different waterproofing designs, making waterproofing specification as simple as possible for the specifier.

For more information contact Newton Waterproofing Systems on:

Telephone: 01732 360 095

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