Door closer enhances education safety

Leading hardware manufacturer, Samuel Heath is reporting increased interest in its Powermatic, controlled, concealed door closers from the education sector.

Whilst Powermatic’s maintenance-free service , fire performance and accessibility credentials are undoubtedly factors in this heightened attention, anecdotal evidence suggests that it is the door closer’s health and safety benefits that are proving to be just as compelling, especially in areas where the reduction of risk in both fire and non-fire door situations is paramount.

Two key areas of health and safety concern in educational buildings have come to the fore; the first is the risk of a fire door being rendered ineffective by a damaged door closer and the second, the risk of self-harm, which can be present in all types of educational establishments.

The potential for door controls to be vandalised can pose a very real risk to the safety of a building’s occupants, particularly where fire doors are concerned. Unlike surface-mounted door closers, Powermatic is totally concealed when the door is closed, meaning that it presents very little opportunity or temptation for the would-be vandal, or prankster, to damage its mechanisms and render the door useless in case of fire.

In addition, this total concealment, together with the fact that Powermatic can be installed towards the bottom of the door jamb, also mean that the closer offers a very useful anti-ligature solution, the demand for which is not necessarily confined to specialist psychiatric facilities. Reports suggest that at least one local authority has recognised the risk of self-harm and chosen to replace surface-mounted door closers with Powermatic to reduce it.

In itself, the fact that Powermatic is invisible when the door is closed reduces the temptation and, hence, opportunity for it to be used as a point of ligature, whilst its low mounting height, when combined with other anti-ligature measures significantly reduces the risk.

Professionals responsible for the design, management and development of buildings in the education sector are also recognising the many other fire performance, accessibility and reliability benefits that make Powermatic an ideal choice for new-build, refurbishment and enhancement projects in teaching and accommodation facilities.

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