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Magnificent & Distinctive Ceramic Surfaces by Ponsceramics. Agents for Tau Ceramica, Geotiles and Edimaxastor. Are you looking to stock high quality porcelain tiles available in a broad range of design, styles and colours? If you are based in the UK and interested in porcelain tiles direct from manufacturers in Spain and Italy, then Ponsceramics can help.

If your practice or firm is committed to offering your clients the most beautiful spaces (indoors and outdoors) and you are open to exploring how high-end tile can transform your projects, let’s chat.

There has been a significant shift in high-end designers homes from traditional stone, marble, and granite to porcelain and ceramic tiles for three major reasons:

Natural materials typically have a maintenance component that homeowners, after a few months find to be time-consuming and even frustrating. So while they look beautiful day one, keeping them that way is a challenge.

While many homeowners love the uniqueness of natural materials, it can be a challenge to replicate them in future construction projects. Ceramic and porcelain tiles have mastered the look and feel of natural patterns but can replicate it for consistency down the road. In fact, these looks are available in metal, concrete, woods and even fabrics.

Architects, landscapers, and interior designers have many more colour pallet choices and combinations when choosing tiles, which helps them to deliver a much higher-end design for their clients.


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