Samuel Heath - New Free Swing Door Closer

Powermatic Free Swing is the latest controlled, concealed door closer to be introduced by Samuel Heath.

Connected to the building’s 24-volt fire alarm system, the new door closer can function in the same way as the company’s popular Powermatic® controlled, concealed door closer or can allow a door to be operated manually and left open as desired once the mechanism has been primed by opening the door to its maximum. When the fire alarm is activated, or there is a power failure, the inactive door closer becomes active and the door is closed automatically at a controlled rate.

The new door closer complies with two harmonised European performance standards, BS EN 1154 (controlled door closing devices) and BS EN 1155 (electrically powered free swing and hold-open devices), and is manufactured in the United Kingdom under processes and systems that comply with BS EN 9001, thereby allowing it to carry the CE mark.

In addition to meeting all relevant fire and accessibility requirements, Powermatic® Free Swing offers a number of advantages over standard, surface mounted door closers thanks to the fact that it is totally concealed when the door is closed.

Concealment ensures that the appearance of doors and interiors is not spoiled by the unsightly control arms and boxes that are a feature of ordinary door closers. It also assures a more homely, less institutionalised environment, something that is highly valued in health and care applications.

Other benefits of the door closer include a reduced risk of damage from vandalism and suitability for use in anti-ligature measures.

Available in nine finishes, including polished brass, polished chrome and satin chrome, Powermatic® Free Swing will complement traditional and contemporary decorative themes in all types of building.

Powermatic® Free Swing is expected to be particularly welcomed in commercial projects and residential care homes where fire doors are often wedged open for convenience, a practice that infringes fire safety guidelines. The fact that the door closer allows doors to be operated normally until automatic closing is required removes the temptation to do this, making a valuable contribution towards fire safety and enhancing the comfort of a building’s occupants.

The door closer is totally maintenance-free and has been tested to in excess of 500,000 cycles. Its reliability is backed by a manufacturer’s 10-year guarantee. Full technical support, including installation instructions and on-site assistance is also available.


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