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Advanced Ergonomic Technologies Ltd

Incorporated in 1993, Advanced Ergonomic Technologies Ltd (AET) was the exclusive worldwide distributor of the ‘Flexible Space System‘ a unique modular Under Floor Air Conditioning (UFAC) system originally designed and developed in the late 1980’s by Italian Engineering company, Hiross

Managing Director of AET, Glan Blake Thomas was fundamentally involved with the development of the advanced Fantile (Fan Air Terminal) technology during his role as a Director at Hiross UK

AET Flexible Space

In 2009 AET became the manufacturer of the Flexible Space System and continue to promote the system through an established network of agents and distributors. We estimate that around 3 million sq m of Flexible Space systems have been installed to date

AET now offer a variety of UFAC systems using their own AET Flexible Space, and other UFAC technology. Hybrid systems combined with other air conditioning technologies have also been implemented. As well as a complete range of complimentary products such as chillers and heat recovery products, in 2011 AET developed a ‘Renewables Division’ focusing on Solar energy generation and how these technologies can be integrated with HVAC systems

Sustainable Building

We offer a complete range of energy efficient heating,ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) products and services designed to be incorporated into sustainable buildings. Glan Blake Thomas has promoted the concept of sustainability in buildings services for twenty years and has presented many papers and articles focusing on the issues around sustainability and green building practices



The Flexible Space Road Map CPD

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AET Flexible Space: Less Waste, A Better Space

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