Alumasc Roofing Systems - Alumasc Vtherm Vacuum Insulated System - Low Profile Warm Roof System

System Options

  • Alumasc Waterproofing Cap Sheet
  • Alumasc Waterproofing Underlayer
  • Alumasc PIR Insulation
  • Kingspan OPTIM-R Vacuum Insulation Panel
  • Protective Rubbercrumb Layer (optional)
  • Euroroof self-adhesive or Thermo-Adhesive Vapour Barrier
  • Alumasc Bitumen Primer
  • Structural Concrete, Plywood or Profiled Metal Deck

Alumasc Vtherm

Alumasc Vtherm Vacuum Insulated System is the newest insulation technology for protected Warm Roofs utilising various Alumasc Membranes - powered by Kingspan Optim-R Vacuum Insulation Panel (VIP). The system can be used for Invertedand Warm Roofs.

The vacuum insulation panel within the system provides an insulating performance up to five times higher than other more traditional insulation boards and due to the low profile of the VIP board is perfect for projects where there is limited construction depth or problematic spacing.

Key Features & Applications

  • Alumasc Vtherm Vacuum Insulated System is ideal for roof refurbishment – to upgrade thermal performance, improve roof drainage and/or restore the water-tightness of the existing structure, or for new build or refurbishment applications.

The Problem - Why Vtherm?

  • In many cases whether it be a new build project or a refurbishment to an existing roof there may be a need for low U-values with the lowest possible profile height. Low profile requirements are more commonly required with refurbishment projects for example to accomodate low door thresholds or planning height restrictions.

The Solution

  • This system helps answer these problems by utilising Kingspan's OPTIM-R Vacuum Insulation Panel within the Alumasc Vtherm System build up.
  • Outstanding thermal perfomance is achieved as the OPTIM-R consists of a microporous core that is evacuated, encased and sealed within a gas tight envelope. This product design allows for a lower profile board that produces better U-Values than more widely used insulation panels - in some cases up to five times more effective.

Bespoke Design

  • Due to the nature of the Vacuum Insulation Panels within the Vtherm Vacuum Insulated System means that each project must be designed on a bespoke basis. Vacuum Insulation Panels must not be punctured - this renders the U-Value of the damaged board as inefficient.
  • The proposed system for the project will be collated by the Alumasc Technical Team utilising the Vtherm system as effectively as possible across the roof area. In some areas such as around details or some edging PIR board will be used.
  • An initial U-value calculation can be generated if this is key to your project. If you would like more in-depth technical information or NBS specification documents please call our technical team on +44 (0) 3335 771 500 to speak with us.


  • Contact us for samples that are available upon request.


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